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We're here to make sure you get your return on investment. How? We help you hire integral team members that function autonomously.

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Meet some of our team members

"Working with Digital Executive has been the best choice I have made for my business thus far. Paris, the owner of the company is one of the most capable people I have met all year and I am pleased to say I trust her with my business.
Something THAT SETS HER BUSINESS APART FROM THE OTHERS is that as you get started, Paris and her assistant have meetings with my assistant in order to coach them further or brainstorm on solutions for my needs. It's like I have an assistant for my assistant!"

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Opening the books...

Why South America?

Strong English

Access to candidates with fluent English.

Lower cost

LatAm salaries are 30-70% below US market.

You can get the best professionals and save on your budget. It’s a win-win situation.

US Time Zone

The time difference is very little, which allows for more active communication and quick responses.

Work culture

The way of working in LatAm is very similar as the USA. You will find candidates who will adapt very well to your work flow.

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Team of digital executive

Personalized tracking

After finding your ideal candidate, our team will ensure their performance remains excellent.

Every month we monitor them so that the quality of the service always persist optimal.

Find the best talent

Learn more about us and our services

Our mission is to connect visionary companies with remote top-tier talent in Latin America.
Visit our website and learn in depth about everything we can do for you.

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