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Job Description

Cold calling is the number one way to ensure your funnel is not running dry. Get cold callers with actual sales experience who not only book appointments, but are also able to pitch on the phone.

Cold Caller Tasks

Building Leads Lists

Scraping Data
CRM input

Our cold callers can sort through thousands of data points, verify your leads, and organize them into a CRM system. Your sales team loses countless hours organizing lists, instead, have a cold caller verify and organize good data.


Cold Calling

Email/Text Outreach

It can take hundreds of contacts to sort through and find an interested customer. Cold outreach specialists give your company the reach you need.

Lead Follow Up

Dead Lead Follow Up

Calendar Management

How many times does a customer tell you that they need a few months to decide? Now how often do you follow up with them? A cold caller will track and manage dead leads to bring in new business.

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