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Job Description

The role of an account executive (AE) is to build relationships with new clients and manage relationships with existing ones. Account executive jobs exist across industries, serving as point of contact for clients and internal company teams, often interacting with both daily.

Account Executive Tasks

Building Client Relationships

Client Check Ins
Fixing Client Problems

Account executives check in with your clients to troubleshoot problems before they even arise. By building a relationship with the client, account executives ensure client retention. If a customer is thinking about leaving a service, an AE will help find solutions to get them to stay.

Data Management

Conducting Feedback Surveys

Monitoring Client Complaints

How often are you doing client feedback surveys? Even if you are, how often are you implementing changes? Account Executives review client feedback surveys, follow up with clients to get more specific feedback, and make sure proper change is implemented on common problems.

Customer Experience

New Customer Onboarding

Providing Additional Services

By creating a relationship with the client from the moment they are onboarded, AEs have a unique understanding of client needs. Maybe there is an opportunity to sell another service to an account. AEs make sure your clients are aware of all of the services/products your company offers and has an opportunity to implement new solutions.

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