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Job Description

UI/UX designers create the user interface for an app, website, or other interactive media. Their work includes collaborating with product managers and engineers to gather requirements from users before designing ideas that can be communicated using storyboards. They also process flows or sitemaps.

Our UI/UX Advantage

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

By hiring designers in South America, we have a larger pool of creatives to choose from.

Are you expanding to a new market? Or just want a fresh take on your current design? By pooling designers from South America, we are able to double the talent pool you would be looking at in the United States while also reducing cost. With so many candidates to choose from, you can choose the designer who best matches your brand and future brand image.

Creative Collaboration

Designers are available during

business hours to actively

collaborate with your team.

If designers are based on the other side of the world, the web development team either has to make guesses about the client approved design, or it holds up the process. Collaboration between the creatives and engineers is essential for creating a visually appealing and functional website.

Workload flexibility

Work with the same

designer consistently,

without breaking the bank.

With Digital Executive, you are able to use the same designer over and over again. Instead of using fees by design, we do low monthly flat rates, meaning that you can have consistency in design, without the cost of a full time team member.

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