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Hire a Virtual Assistant

Part Time


Full Time


Grow your social media

Provide exceptional customer service

Reduce payroll costs

Job Description

Virtual assistants are more than a team member, they are the backbone of your personal and professional life. We custom source each of our personal assistants to individually match your specific needs. If you need someone who is an excel wizard or uniquely good at planning vacations, we will make it happen. Life gets hectic, having someone who can keep you moving forward is uniquely important. By using Digital Executive, you can utilize a full time team member at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Assistant Tasks

Administrative Duties

Email Response
Calendar Management

Responding to every single email can be exhausting. You probably spend half of your time deleting spam from a website you visited once in 2015 that will not let you unsubscribe. Let someone else filter out what's important and schedule meetings at your convenience.

Social Media Management


Google Reviews

Imagine if someone sent a personal message to every one of your clients, asking for a Google review. Virtual assistants not only help with client outreach, but are capable of consistently publishing and linking content to boost SEO ranking and reach new clients.

Life Management

Vacation Planning

Event Coordination

Our virtual assistants do it all. From vacation planning, to buying anniversary presents, to even wedding planning (yes! Our VAs can help you plan large parties), we are here to help you streamline your personal life and spend more time on the important things.

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