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Hire a Backend Software Engineer

Part Time


Full Time


Grow your engineering team

Work in the same time zone

Reduce payroll costs

Job Description

A backend engineer is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the server side of web applications. In other words, a backend engineer's primary responsibility is to build the structure of a software application. They set the software team's foundations of what they need to do to achieve the main goals.

Backend Software Engineering Process

Customizable Tech Stack

We custom source individuals per company, meaning you can pick the skills you want in a candidate's techstack.

What is more important to you? Proficiency in PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, . NET, and JavaScript? Knowledge of Java, HTML5, and CSS3? Server-side experience with SASS and Less? Understanding of accessibility and server compliance? Solid OOP and software design knowledge? Knowledge in database systems?

We will find a candidate with experience relevant to your organization's greatest needs.

Recorded Technical Interviews

Choose your technical

interview questions. We will

conduct technical

interviews and send you the

top candidates.

Unlike most recruitment companies, we actually let our in house engineers run the technical interview process. We work with your company to create backend tests that are relevant to the position. This way, you only interview candidates that meet your technical criteria.

Timezone Similarities

All of our talent comes from

South America, ensuring

your team is able to

collaborate in the same

working hours.

Lots of backend engineering tasks get outsourced to Asia and India. South America has equally good talent at a similar price. The main difference is the timezone. Working with a nearshore team allows for in person collaboration on sensitive tasks. After all, backend engineering is almost always a team effort.

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