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The ultimate guide to managing a team in Argentina

Argentines are warm, sociable, and outgoing people. They are known for their sense of humor, passion for life, and love of football. In the workplace, Argentines are dedicated and committed workers. They are intelligent, creative, and have a strong sense of responsibility.

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Argentines are very social people and like to establish personal relationships with their colleagues. It is important to take the time to get to know them and establish a good relationship with them. Argentinians are usually very informal, so seeing them dressed in a casual way is part of their culture.

Work Styles

Argentines are very hardworking and are willing to put in long hours at work. They are very efficient and know how to manage their time. They are also very creative and are always looking for new ways to do things.

Remote Work

Argentines are very accustomed to working remotely. It is a very common practice in Argentina, so Argentines have a lot of experience with this type of work. They are very responsible and know how to meet deadlines.

Tips for Working with Argentines

  • Argentines are very proud of their culture, so it is important to be respectful of their customs and traditions.

  • Take the time to get to know them. Argentines are very sociable, so it is important to take the time to get to know them and establish a good relationship with them.

  • Be flexible. Argentines are very adaptable, so it is important to be flexible and be willing to adapt to their customs.

Additional Points

  • Free education: Education in Argentina is free. This means that there is a large pool of highly qualified professionals available in the labor market.

  • Hyperinflation: Argentina is going through a period of hyperinflation, which means that prices are rising at a very fast pace. This can affect salaries and company budgets.

  • Holidays: Argentina has many holidays in its annual calendar. Argentines often take the weekdays that fall on holidays as "bridge holidays," which means that they can take a longer break.


  • When hiring an Argentine professional, it is important to take into account the country's economic situation. Hyperinflation can affect salaries and company budgets.

  • It is important to establish clear expectations from the beginning, both in terms of work and remuneration. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations in the future.

  • It is important to be flexible and adaptable to Argentine customs. This will help to create a positive and productive working relationship.

English in Argentina

English is a compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools in Argentina. This means that most Argentines have at least a basic level of English. In addition, many people decide to improve their English by taking private lessons or participating in exchange programs.

Therefore, it is very easy to communicate with Argentines in English. Even if your English level is not perfect, Argentines will be willing to help you communicate.


Working with Argentines can be a very rewarding experience. Argentines are hardworking, creative, and have a strong sense of responsibility. With a little effort, it is possible to establish a successful working relationship with them.

If you're contemplating hiring in Argentina or anywhere across South America, contact us. We're here to guide you through the process. Remember, at Digital Executive, we specialize in connecting companies and individuals with exceptional talent in Argentina and beyond.

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