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From Pandemic Realizations to Remote Talent Quest: My Story Behind Digital Executive

Updated: Jan 12

What drove me to quit my day job and start a nearshoring company? Today, we’re diving into why I embarked on a mission to bridge top-notch talent with U.S. companies from South America and the pivotal lessons learned along the way.

It all began during the height of the pandemic in 2020. While navigating the remote work landscape, I realized the incredible pool of talent emerging in South America seeking remote opportunities. This discovery was the catalyst for the birth of Digital Executive.

Initially, while being part owner of a small marketing company, we expanded our team by recruiting 11 members based in Argentina. The talent we found was exceptional, and what truly set this team apart was their autonomy. Unlike the usual scenario of micromanaging outsourced work, this team operated cohesively and autonomously. This gave our managers the freedom to focus on higher-level tasks, fostering an environment of trust and productivity.

Fast forward to a different experience. I transitioned to work with a U.S. company where the entire team was located in India. The time zone difference and language barriers significantly hindered our collaborative efforts. Collaboration, which could have been a simple 10-minute conversation, often stretched into days due to time zone discrepancies and language nuances.

The disparity between these experiences highlighted key issues:

  1. The immense value of fluent communication, where Spanish-to-English translation was much smoother compared to another language with a different alphabet and syntax.

  2. The mismatch between discounted labor costs and compromised quality of work was a glaring problem, showcasing the need for a more effective solution.

This journey led me to found Digital Executive, driven by a desire to connect U.S. companies with reliable, collaborative talent in South America. Our mission is to curate exceptional teams that deliver quality work while ensuring a seamless collaboration experience.

If you’re seeking a reliable, high-quality remote team in South America or wish to explore how Digital Executive can transform your business, drop us a message. Let’s connect and unlock the potential of remote talent for your company.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Paris Bland

Founder, Digital Executive

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